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Writers' Colony

The writers' colony is aimed at more experienced authors who just need some time--away from the demands of everyday life--to concentrate on a manuscript. As these conferees won't be attending classes, they will only be charged room and board plus $50. There are some requirements, however.
Persons wanting to participate will be known as conference "fellows." A "fellow" must have attended the conference as a full-time conferee at least once in the past three years. He or she must have a proven track record with significant publishing accomplishments.
"Fellows" are not permitted to attend daytime classes, but will receive all meals, and may attend the evening activities. Participation will be limited to three to five writers. There is no scholarship help available for this program. 
To apply, submit a six to eight page manuscript and a list of your writing credits, participation in critique groups, conferences attended, and any other information that would highlight your commitment to the writing craft.  Click on director , and paste the information into the body of the e-mail which comes up, before sending that e-mail to our director, Vickie Taylor. 

She must receive your application by April 30.